Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Princess, at approximately 8 years old, came to us with eyes that she could barely open, (due to an ulcer and dryness), low protein and creatine levels, a growth in her bladder, an allergy to wheat and then a cold and cough. She was tired and sad and not well. Yet, from the beginning, this little 5 lb. doll was sweet as can be and everyone who met her fell in love. Well, week to week Princess’s health improved until this sweetheart showed us that she is a real spunky girl with a spring to her step. Her love for people and her delicious kisses were never ending and boy could she snuggle. As Princess regained her health she needed one more thing to ensure her place in life…a home where she knew she could stay forever. And then, one day it came…the call, the application, the meeting and the coolest family to reciprocate her love. Now, with two parents and two human siblings, she is snug in the softest pillow on the couch or in the arms of one of her new girls. And boy is she happy! Her family writes: “She is delightful…we’re crazy about her…everybody (at the Vet’s) loved her.” There are no words to express how thankful we are to her family for giving Princess “a new chance,” so we’ll let the pictures describe the joy!