Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Hey everyone, my name is Rizzo but I also go by cutie, sweetheart, and love-bug! I’m a 2 year old, 56 lb., Chow Chow mix and I’m pretty adorable if I do say so myself. Right now I’m in a foster home and I adore my foster family! They give me a lot of affection, which is great because I’m really affectionate myself.

My favorite thing to do is get pet! I love the attention and it makes me SO happy. When people stop petting me I’m always there to remind them to keep going. I’ll put my paw on them, snuggle up to them, or just give them those cute puppy dog eyes (I hear that usually works). I also have a canine foster brother who is super fun to hang out and play with. We like to play tug-of-war and run around together. That reminds me, I’m quite adventurous and really enjoy being outside. It would be amazing if I had a home with a fenced-in yard to explore and a family that would take me hiking!

I’ve been told that sometimes when I’m being walked I pull because I get overly excited. But don’t worry because I’m learning not to do that with my new harness. I also wanted to mention that a cat-free home would be best for me. I’m looking for my furever home and a family to share my heart with! My foster family tells me I have a big one. Could your home be the one for me?

Rizzo in a friendly tug of war

Rizzo is a good listener

Rizzo says hugs are fun!