Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Rizzo is an incredibly fluffy 3 year old, 56 lb. Chow mix. With her thick coat and bushy tail, she is stunning to look at and wonderful to spend time with. Your heart melts when she looks you in the eyes and gently puts her paw on your knee as she asks for affection. Rizzo is an incredibly smart and sweet girl who learns quickly, so she would do well with someone who has experience with dogs. She would love to be in a home with someone who likes to hike or go on long walks. Also, a physically fenced yard is important, as she greatly enjoys her time outside chasing chipmunks/squirrels or whatever else catches her eye!

Rizzo does have prey drive so she should not be in a home with cats. She is housebroken and excellent in the house unsupervised. You never have to worry about leaving her alone, as she’s happy to play with her toys or just chill.

While Rizzo is incredibly sweet and loving with people in most environments, she can be anxious in new situations and with new people. She would do best in a quiet home, without a lot of new people coming and going so a home without children (and a lot of visitors) would be best for her while she settles in. Rizzo is such an amazingly sweet girl, and she is waiting for the loving home and people who are willing to work with her to ease her fears.