Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Sadie is an absolutely precious, female, 18 lb, 10 week old, brown and white Brittany Spaniel/Lab mix. Her markings actually make her look a bit like a fluffy Beagle, with her droopy brown ears and stunning eyes outlined in black. This unique girl’s right eye is brown, and her left eye is brown with a little patch of blue in it.

Sadie loves wrestling with and chasing her littermates and foster siblings around the yard, while keeping up the cutest little chatter. When she’s not busy playing, she takes her siblings around the yard on little adventures. Always up for some fun, Sadie also enjoys bouncing in and out of the baby pool and is slowly beginning to explore her foster family’s swimming pool. Once she is thoroughly tuckered out, Sadie can often be found resting with her front paws and chin over one of her toys. This girl also likes to prop herself up in a similar manner in the arms of her foster parents, as she watches the action around her.

This sweet girl is crate trained, house trained if kept on a schedule, comes when called, sleeps through the night. As with all young pups, Sadie is teething and will be for another 4 months, meaning she often chews on your hands and feet (which does hurt), so young children would not be a suitable fit for this girl. We anticipate she will be between 60-80 lbs when fully grown.