Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Sam a 2 year old gorgeous Shepherd/Golden mix, with long blonde fur is absolutely stunning and has a personality to match. After being abandoned, he came up on our Jan. 15, 2012 transport and we were struggling to find him a foster home. As we were unloading the dogs, one of our volunteers thought of friends who might be a good match to foster him. Incredibly kind as they are, early on that Sun. morning, they got out of bed and came when called to see Sam. We were delighted that they agreed to foster him until he could find a permanent home. He was finally on his way to a loving home.

Well, it was only three days later when we received an e-mail “…My husband fell hook, line and sinker and Sam has won all of our hearts. He is so incredibly loving, and is very rapidly learning his manners. What a sweetheart… within hours of coming home, ‘ (we’ve already re-named him to Bodhi for Bodhi enlightened being who is dedicated to enlightening all humans..I know, you must be laughing out loud! ). ”

“Anyway, we are all happy as can be…I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with him these first few days and he has stolen my heart. He also passed the grandkid test with flying colors (4 of them live close by), he’s been very responsive to training and I think it’s a match made in heaven. We even had him out at Rye Beach today and he loved running with the other dogs (several of them were also rescued dogs) So yes, we are absolutely sure. (He also is remarkably similar in looks and temperament to our 2 previous dogs)”

“I haven’t confirmed this …but I would certainly considering fostering again (I think we can do this)…”

Well, can you imagine the life that Sam now has every single day? It is now us who are wondering about the mystical nature of dogs and their humans and who are smiling everytime we think of Sam.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Sam’s family for giving him his new chance and a great tale of success.