Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Saucy is a very delicious, female, 24 lb., 1 year old Dachshund/Pug mix, with little legs and an adorably little, muscular body. This girl is truly a gentle soul! Saucy just lo-o-o-ves her people and runs to see them, wagging her tail with joy and flopping over for sweet belly rubs. This girl has really grown into herself and when let out in the yard first thing in the morning, she zooms around in joyful abandonment.

Saucy also adores the other dogs in her foster home, playing with those both big and small. She is smart too…when she wrestles with the larger dogs, she positions herself underneath them and it’s hard for them to get at her. Other times, she can be found laying on their front paws and kissing their faces.

Hilarious to watch as she carries her big toys around – little head held high – Saucy is also content to quietly chew on a toy, bringing them one by one to her bed. When she’s done playing, this laid back girl will curl up for a nap and usually chooses to rest at your feet or in a nearby sunny spot.

Saucy is the ultimate yummy cuddle mate. One of her favorite times of the day is the evening, when her foster family settles on the couch and she snuggles up with them to sleep. With her striking emerald eyes and precious face crinkles, we are sure she will have her new family wrapped around her little paws in no time!

With both new people, dogs, and activities Saucy is at first cautious, but once she adapts, she’s totally in for the fun. She knows sit, comes when called, and knows to wait patiently for her treats. She is crate trained, house trained if kept on schedule, and sleeps through the night.