Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


This 6 year old, 35lb, Lab/Beagle sweetheart is Squeaker. Her life turned upside down recently after her prior owners did not want her anymore and dropped her off at the local kill shelter, where she was very scared and confused. Squeaker was moved into foster so she could heal her broken heart after being abandoned. In her foster home, Squeaker was quickly accepted by the 4 other resident dogs. She eats, sleeps and walks the fenced yard with them in harmony, like she has always belonged. The quick acceptance is most likely credited to her gentle and low key personality. Squeaker is calm in the house, has not had one accident inside, has not shown any interest in chewing household items, and is a nice leash walker. She goes in her crate with the help of a good treat or bone and waits patiently for your return.
While Squeaker gets along with all of the other dogs, her preferred, favorite spot is always beside her person. She is a very loyal and loving girl, who will no doubt be a wonderful companion!
Squeaker may not have had the best life in her previous home. She has a torn ear, which has completely healed now, and quick movements make her a little nervous; we feel homes without young children would be more suitable. Despite her past, this little lady is ready to start the next chapter and find out how good the second half of her life can be!

Squeaker perfect on a Leash!