Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Smart and sweet Stewart is a cute 9 month old 40lb Beagle/ Foxhound mix with dreamy eyes and a big personality. He loves kisses, cuddling and playing, and has just as much fun outdoors sniffing around on hikes as he does indoors learning tricks.

He has some goofy puppy energy but also likes to laze in the sun, looking out of a window watching people, squirrels and birds go by. He also likes to putter around the house carrying his toys from room to room. Stewart has a classic hound mind; he is an enthusiastic guy who is happiest when he is using his brain and his nose. He is making good progress with his manners, but is not a good fit for a home with young children. Clever Stewie loves to learn- his foster mom taught him to shake a paw in about 10 minutes!

Stewart is a smart and playful guy who will thrive in a hound-lovin’ home.