Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Taz is a beautiful 2-3 year old 40 lb Cocker Spaniel/Boykin Spaniel mix with a silky black coat and soulful big brown eyes. Although initially shy, after a few minutes he relaxes and wags his stubby little tail, and before long it’s a full-on butt wiggle.

Poor Taz came into a kill shelter in SC with two friends, but he was left behind by the rescue that took his friends because Taz was scared in the shelter, and this lonely boy was almost euthanized as a result. In his loving foster home he warmed up quickly, and happily trots around the house after his foster mom. He is wonderful with other dogs and is fine with cats.
Taz is a true companion dog whose lonely days are behind him. He dreams of a forever home where he can be a best buddy.