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Thank you, Gernine!

Gernine-TucknerGernine Tuckner wears many hats at ANCAR. She is an amazing Board Member, a dynamic volunteer, a generous donor, and a nurturing foster mother. In 2015, Gernine has fostered over 20 dogs. She often takes puppies in together and works very hard to prepare them properly for their forever homes. Gernine is always welcoming and educating new volunteers and foster homes, and she makes a point to really teach each of her adopters about the responsibility of owning a dog before they consider adopting. She is passionate about the work ANCAR does and referred some friends to ANCAR to donate, foster, and adopt. Gernine is a beacon of hope for the dogs that she opens her home to who would have lost their lives without her generosity. From all of the dogs you have helped save, THANK YOU Gernine for championing for them.