Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Tucker, an absolutely adorable one year old, 65 lb., male Border Collie/Newfie mix is simply an extraordinary guy! He has personality that makes you laugh, is silly and just delicious. He loves his people, listens well, and is always happy to greet or be with them. This sweetheart loves tossing around and catching his toys and of late, has been learning to play fetch. Likewise, Tucker gets along well with the other multiple dogs in his foster home. He plays with his canine friends endlessly, running around the large yard chasing or being chased, (with big and little dogs alike) and definitely has that high Border Collie energy.

Tucker is gorgeous with his very Newfie body and build; soft and fluffy and ready to cuddle. However, he does not have the Newfie dopiness, so he will be ready for quiet time only if he has had his exercise and stimulation throughout the day; in fact, for him, being with another playful dog is a must because humans just can’t do the play like a dog buddy; (watching him with his canine friends is truly a delight). While he is playful with all dogs, his adoptive home does need one other mid-large sized dog.
Tucker is crate and house trained, knows basic commands, walks well on the leash, and sleeps through the night. He excitedly hops into bed with his foster parents in the morning for some kisses, before reminding them to get up for playtime. He has had successful surgery for shoulder OCD and has some early hip dysplasia, though neither seems to stop him from zooming around.

Please note: This guy is very large; in his sometimes rambunctious goofiness and happy enthusiasm, he can unintentionally knock you over, so he is not suitable for either the young or the elderly nor apartments or small homes/yards. For this guy, an adoptive home must have a fence. Please do not inquire/apply if you do not fit this criteria. All in all, this sweetheart brings joy wherever he goes and he is so eager to find his match.